At Data Systems, innovation is a part of our customer centric approach. From custom solutions through to support and services, we explore new ways of making networking technology that meets customer needs.

To give only the best, Data Systems constantly train their dedicated staff on cutting edge industry technologies and enhance their skill set. Our domain experts deliver professional and uncompromising services that help clients enhance their business efficiency.

We believe that challenges provide us with opportunities to stretch our technology limits and extract the best in us - the sole reason of our impeccable deliverables. In order to reach as many clients as possible, we have strategic tie ups with system integrators (S.I), dealers and resellers across the State.

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Extend Networking Technology as a potent tool in Corporate Business Strategy and Empower organizations to enhance productivity and efficiency.


Devise and implement networking solutions that enhance scalability, reliability and availability to optimize business processes.


Data Systems is in some respects a “boutique style” management company, it is also a fully-integrated, technologically advanced company that offers the benefits of a large management firm. Our style allows personal attention to all brands and their products, with detailed, involved, and intimate interaction by executive leadership. The company’s goal is to create quality, profitable investments that deliver exceptional results. Focused on expertly distribution networking based products,Data Systems creates environments of uncompromising quality and delivers spectacular experiences for customers and partners alike.


We offer the best and quality networking related products through the worlds best companies to all the retailers, partners and also provide networking solutions.

LAN/WAN Solutions

Providing Switching/Routing solutions to facilitate the interdepartmental communications and data transmissions.

Structure Cabling Solutions

Solutions for copper base (Cat5, Cat6) and fiber base (Multi mode, Single Mode) connectivity.

Wireless Networking Solutions

Providing wireless environment to organizations according to their requirements.

Network Security Solutions

Providing Gateway level Security solutions through unified thread management Firewalls for superior network protection from Hackers, Virus and Spam.

Surveillance Solutions

Providing IP cameras for Organizational Surveillance Security.

IP Telephony Solutions

Providing gateway level VoIP and IP Phones to facilitate voice based communications.


Capitalise on low hanging fruit to identify a ballpark value added activity to beta test. Override the digital divide with additional clickthroughs from DevOps.